Make Your Move! is an innovative campaign designed to engage men and women as allies to prevent sexual violence in the greater Missoula area. This multi-faceted, inter-agency approach creates long-term, positive change by changing the beliefs and behaviors that support sexual violence, thus creating a safer and healthier community.

Guiding Principles

Positive messaging

Research shows that the most effective marketing messages appeal to the target audience’s core values, enabling them to feel strong and capable rather than ashamed by their behavior.

Engaging bystanders

Both women and men are more receptive to messages that engage them as helpers rather than potential perpetrators or victims.

Sexual predators intentionally target vulnerable women and are not receptive to anti-rape messages. However, research indicates they seek the approval and validation of their friends. Those friends can help create positive outcomes.


Changing social norms

Research shows that violence against women is directly linked to sexist beliefs (rape myths) and acceptance of sexual aggression from peers (i.e., a “rape supportive culture.”) All Make Your Move! initiatives attempt to shift these attitudes and beliefs while creating a new “norm” of community members actively working to prevent sexual violence.