Sexual violence can be prevented. 

Make Your Move! is an innovative campaign designed to engage men and women as allies to prevent sexual violence in the greater Missoula area. This multi-faceted, inter-agency approach creates long-term, positive change by changing the beliefs and behaviors that support sexual violence, thus creating a safer and healthier community.


Asking for consent doesn’t have to be weird or serious – it can be playful and sexy, too.

The word "consent" is written over and over again.

Asking for consent will not guarantee that you have great sex – but the only chance of having great sex is when a person can communicate their desires clearly and ask their partner what they desire. Great sex begins how it ends, with a “YES!”

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Community members are the key to ending sexual violence. 

Bystander intervention promotes safe and positive ways everyday people can prevent or intervene when there is a risk for sexual violence.  This includes calling attention to situations that could lead to violence before it happens, stepping in during an incident, and speaking out against ideas and behaviors that support violence. 

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You can help end sexual violence in our community.

Bar Workshops

Our community is committed to ending sexual violence. Staff at alcohol-serving establishments are trained to stop sexual harassment.

Cultivating a bar culture that promotes positive and healthy interactions helps reduce risk of sexual violence perpetration. By refining intervention skills, staff can confidently intervene and ensure their patrons are safe. 

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Four people are sitting at a bar, facing one another. The wall of alcohol is behind them. One of the people - a police officer - is talking.