Sexual aggression can look different depending on the situation. The scale can range from sexually suggestive jokes, and using offhand sexist or homophobic language to harassment and assault. Our goal in collecting bystander stories is to foster discussion to grow our understanding about what our roles are in the issue of sexual assault.

Please share your story bystander story with us. It can be a time you stepped in, a time you wish you had, or a time someone stepped in for you.


Host a Bar Workshop

We want to host a workshop at your bar! All alcohol serving establishments in Missoula County can receive a training through Make Your Move! Please schedule a time with us.

If you are a prevention service provider, you can bring the Bar Workshop to your own community. Our toolkit is available for download. You may also contact us for additional support.  

Make Consent Explicit

If you are interested in bringing the consent campaign to your own community, please contact us! Media is available for agencies throughout Montana, and can be purchased for use outside of the state. 


Our bystander posters are available at cost to agencies in Montana. However, we are happy to give anyone the tools needed to create a sister campaign. The toolkit is available for instant download.


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