Our Best Moves:

There are many ways to end sexual violence. Every community member has the ability to make a difference. You can intervene when you hear problematic language, you can believe and support survivors, and you can educate your peers about consent. The list can go on and on! What really matters is that you get involved in this movement!

For years now, we have collected photographs of local Montanans who are committed to ending sexual violence. There are so many different strategies. All are important. We cannot build a better, safer, and healthier community without each of you. Whatever it is, make your move!

Pets' Best Move:

Our town is made up of so many furry friends. While animals can't really engage is sexual violence prevention, we thought it might be fun to imagine how our pets might make their move. We started with a photo shoot at the Humane Society of Western Montana, and the project has grown! Our gallery demonstrates all the ways pets (and their humans!) can make a difference.