Sister Campaign Creation

This toolkit is designed as a template so that you can create your own sister campaign. Just add a photo and your organization's information, and you are ready to go!

What's in the toolkit?


  • Pre-made templates for 8.5x11 and 11x17 sized posters.
  • Available in .indd file format (Adobe InDesign). 
  • Includes document fonts and Make Your Move! logo.

What will I need?


  • Choose images that are representative of your organization or community!
  • Our original posters use photos under copyright. We cannot distribute them with digital files. 

Organization Information

  • You may customize your posters to include logos and information about your agency.
  • If you choose to include the Make Your Move! logo, please send a proof to us before producing. 
Name *

Participation and Copyright Policy

We welcome all organizations to participate in our poster campaign EXCEPT in the following cases:

  • If the poster has a message which condones violence or implies that victims are to blame for sexual assault.
  • If the person pictured in the poster is a known perpetrator of violence. We believe in every person's ability to develop non-violent beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. However, we will not support posters that include photos of known perpetrators of violence out of respect to the individuals who have been affected by their past actions. 

All Make Your Move! posters are copyrighted by the Missoula City-County Department of Grants and Community Programs. Poster design for the Bystander & Consent campaigns were provided by Partners Creative. The portraits for the Bystander Campaign are also copyrighted by Athena Photography.