Bar Workshops

Make Your Move! Bar Workshops are designed for front end staff at alcohol serving establishments. They are theory informed and based on best practice programs across the U.S. Upon completion, staff are better equipped to recognize sexually aggressive behavior and to have the skills to intervene.

Training Summary

The Bar Workshop lasts two and a half hours. The Make Your Move! staff provides training, materials, and year-long support for free to trained bars. At least 70% of all front end staff must be trained to receive Safer Bars status. Certification is verified annually, and additional continuing education is offered.

Skills Learned

Our training curriculum is designed to improve upon the skills alcohol serving staff already use. Participants learn to recognize predatory behavior, gain confidence in intervention skills, and build a team network that will better keep patrons safe. The workshops also engage staff in a discussion about establishment policies and procedures. 

Schedule a Training

Make Your Move! offers free training to alcohol serving establishments in Missoula County. If you are interested in having your establishment trained, please fill out the following form.

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