Educational Resources:

There is so much to talk about when it comes to healthy relationship education. Here are a few of our favorite resources. We have selected materials where the authors/organizations have spent a lot of time ensuring their work is inclusive and accessible.

We try to select resources that are comprehensive and inclusive. You can download our rubric here! Our hope is that it helps you review books and other media for your healthy relationships library!

A rubric outlines topics to consider when selecting books, namely: Healthy Relationships, Gender, Sex Education, and Sexuality.


These books are easy to understand while also being informative. They talk about gender, sexuality, and relationships in healthy and helpful ways. Follow us on Instagram or Goodreads for even more reading material!

A Guide to GendeR (2nd Ed.)

by Sam Killermann

For both newbies and sage-advocates alike, this book clearly defines gender and ways to talk about gender identity with others. There are many graphics throughout which make complex concepts easier to understand. The author also includes engaging activities for you to do while reading along - to keep you thinking hard about this social justice topic. 

S.E.X. (2nd Ed.)

by Heather Corinna

Written for teens and emerging adults, this easy to understand guide can answer so many of your questions about sexual intimacy and sexuality. We like this book because it talks about consent, how to choose what type of sexual intimacy a person is comfortable with, and how to navigate conversations with friends, family, and partners. Plus, it is written with gender neutral terms and is pretty queer inclusive. 


The internet has a wide variety of resources and blogs that talk about healthy relationships and bystander intervention. Here are a few that are easy to access and offer information on a variety of topics. We highlight posts from these sites and many others on our Facebook page. You can follow us for the most up to date news and articles. 

Amaze is an educational collaboration between Advocates for YouthAnswer, and YTH. Their website features a collection of videos with topics ranging from puberty, to gender identity, to HIV, and consent. Videos are best suited for young adolescents (10-14yo).

Planned Parenthood

A national organization, Planned Parenthood has information about sexual health. Information is generally targeted towards teens and young adults who are sexually active. There are also resources for parents who want to talk about sexual health with their children. 


This grassroots sexuality and healthy relationship education organization provides intersectional, medically-accurate, and current information relevant to teens and emerging adults. Scarleteen also shares content on message boards and social media platforms. If you are looking for specific information (ex. having sex with a disability, or how to support a trans partner) you can easily search their website.