Frequently Asked Questions

For Bar Staff, Managers, and Owners:

What will be covered in the workshop?

Make Your Move! Bar Workshop are focused on preventing sexual violence and intervening during instances of sexual harassment. Participants will learn how this issue presents itself locally, practice and refine their intervention skills, and discuss establishment policy. Law enforcement officers will also be available to answer questions from staff. 

Does the workshop Cost Anything?

Due to generous city and grant funding, Make Your Move! can provide workshops to establishments in Missoula County free of charge. Staff members may also be eligible for free childcare during the workshop, thanks to the YWCA of Missoula. We do suggest that establishments pay their staff for the time they spend at this workshop. 

How Long does certification last?

Make Your Move! facilitators check in with trained establishments throughout the year, and every year assess if a new training is required. Establishments with low turn over can expect to have a full staff training every three years. 

Trained staff members also receive their own certification which lasts for three years. Their personal certification stays with them, even if staff change their employer.

How Do I schedule a Training?

You can fill out our online form, or give us a call! (406) 258-3838.

For Community Educators and Advocates:

How do I bring Bar Workshops to my community?

We have created a digital toolkit that can guide you through developing and implementing Bar Workshops. You may download the files here. We are also available to provide consultation or technical assistance. Feel free to contact us for more information. 

Is this curriculum theory-informed?

Yes! As we developed the Bar Workshop, we undertook a great amount of research. We consulted programs throughout the United States doing similar work and we met with stakeholders in our own community. Through that, we created a curriculum which is realistic and centered on issues local bar staff experience regularly. 

What makes Make Your Move! Bar Workshops different than similar projects?

Our Bar Workshop focuses on using local data, encouraging bars to have a written policy, and promoting a reduction in alcohol over-service.